Vietnam Why Not! 2020


Since Covid epidemic, all tourism activities and businesses operating in this industry have faced many difficulties. At the same time, responding to the call "Vietnamese tourism stimulus" by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam, Vietnam Why Not campaign is a golden opportunity to promote Vietnam to become one of the most attractive destinations in the future in the world.

The first time in Vietnam, we have an extraordinary 4.0 tourism promotion campaign, with the patronization of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the pioneer technological platforms, in companionship with VIETNAMESE BRANDS. 
After Covid pandemic, the beauty queens of Miss Universe Vietnam, with the inspiring stories and having positive influences on society, they have a mission to become the ambassadors to promote Vietnam tourism and our culture to the wider world. After the pandemic, that role and mission are becoming more and more significant, motivating everyone to spread the positive, meaningful messages in the community.

We, the organization of Vietnam Why Not campaign, aim to create an outstanding campaign with

09 Miss Universe Vietnam

64 Million social media users

10 interactive weeks in the offline and online

01 target platform